Standing out from the crowd and going the extra mile to get a JOB

Here I am again blogging…

At the moment finding a job is a nightmare for many people, both young and old. I am no exception to this. The question now is “what am I going to do about it?”

I started thinking that if there are lots of people fighting for jobs then I must stand out from the crowd. But how on EARTH do I do this. Then a light bulb came one. Read on…

Over the years I’ve learned that applications rarely get you a job as people tend to employ people recommended by their colleagues. My problem is I don’t know people at the companies I wish to work for, so I must find them.

A few weeks ago I received an email inviting me to a law fair where a number of law firms I was interested in would be showcased. Me being me I decided to attend and create contacts.  I’ve emailed all my new contacts and have developed great rapport with them- they have even given me permission to use their names in my applications. Great news!

Ohhhh, but that is not all my beloved readers. There is more.

I completed an application on 30th March 2011 and hoped to email it to the HR person that evening. I looked at the website one last time before clicking the send button and realised that the application had to be sent by POST, not email. WHHHAAAATTT! I’d spent a week perfecting this application and even if I had posted it that night it would not have arrived by the deadline-31st March 2011.  To find out what I did next, read on…

I could either send it by email (which was going against their instructions and I may get an interview), post it (I would miss the deadline and that would be the end of that one) or deliver it by hand.

I decided to deliver it by hand! I woke up at 5 something AM and went to the office, which is on the other side of London (1.30hr journey). When I got there no one was at reception. I waited outside and a gentleman let me in! I waited for the receptionist but she did not come. A lady then appeared and asked if I had been seen to. I replied,

“no, I’m here to hand in an application.”

She replied “that’ll be for me then.”

YES readers I had bumped into the HR lady who is in charge of hiring. She will definitely remember me and hopefully it will land me an interview.

Talk about standing out from the crowd and going the extra mile.

Thanks for spending this time with me readers.

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah


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