Look at what determination can achieve!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! OK Crystal calm down- breeeaaaathe. Sorry about that. Let me continue on with my usual opening line…

Here I am again… blogging.

THIS IS AN UPDATE on my post entitled “being friendly gets you everywhere- 20 March 2011”.

I’ve spent the past month encouraging you, my beloved readers, with stories regarding how I plan to get what I want out of life (my career in particular). Those of you who regularly read my blog will remember that on 20th March 2011 I got a random blackberry message from a friend asking me to work at a law firm for the day (if you’ve not read it then do so now! Then come back and read this post).  For my regulars read on.

Today I had decided to email my CV to numerous law firms in the hope that one would reply with some good news. Just as I had finished one email I saw a flash to my left and it was my phone ringing. Guess who it was? Read on…

It was the lady from the firm I had worked for last month offering me job! Yes my loyal readers a J-O-B. I’ve been looking for a paid legal job for months and I got one without having to write a long-winded letter explaining why I should be hired! I start on Monday at 9.30 AM.

The moral of this story is that people remember you when you go out of your way for them, even when it inconveniences you. I dropped all my plans for the day to work for her firm and she has remembered me.

When you want something badly enough you seem to attract it!

I’ll leave Happy Feet to express how I’m feeling right now. Watch the video below.

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah


One thought on “Look at what determination can achieve!

  1. Crystal CONGRATS!

    I’m so over the moon for you seriously, it’s inspiring to see how all your hard work and patience has paid off.

    Go girl woooop!

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