How concussion changed my life.

Hi all

I apologise for not writing for a few weeks. In my defence I have been balancing my job, studies and various other activities. 

Well I’m back and I have a story to share with you.

Last week I was about to go to bed, so switched off my light and climbed into my snug warm bed. Then I had the urge to drink some water. The light was already switched off so I had to get up, switch it on and go downstairs to get water. On the way to the light switch I tripped over my suitcase (with my study materials inside it) and went head first into my bedroom wall. Yes, it hurt. Now for a science lesson…

My head really hurt in the area highlighted in red. I was confused for 2 days...

The science lesson is now over, read on

SO the following morning I had a headache which progressively became worse over the course of the day. By evening time I was pretty worried, so my dad drove me to A and E to get my head checked.

Any of you who have ever been to A and E know that you will wait around for a while. I was there for 4 hours and in that time I learned some valuable lessons. I saw homeless people pretending to be ill in order to find a place to rest their heads for the night; I saw a lady in agony and her husband was trying desperately to comfort her; I even saw an elderly man being pushed from pillar to post. Then it hit me “Your health is extremely important.”

Think about it. For some people, hospital is their second home- part of their routine. Just imagine. Imagine how disruptive hospital visits can be to your life, especially if you are a busy person. Imagine being dependent on people to do basic tasks day in and day out… *sigh*.

What I learned:

1. Take care of yourself because poor health slows you down.

2. Be grateful that you have your health as there are people who aren’t as healthy as you.

3. Be practical. I will now get a bicycle to improve my overall fitness. 

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah