So why am I alive?

Hi readers 

Here I am again, blogging…

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about life. I mean, we live for a certain number of years and then it’s all over. One day both you and I will no longer exist and this really got me thinking about why I am on this planet…

I now have an idea of why I’m here and I’ll give you a quick account of my journey to discovering my purpose. Please read on.

One day I picked up a pen and some paper and decided to write a list of what made me happy and what I detested. These are a few of the things I came up with:

  •       –  I love writing (I used to write stories for my class in primary school)
  •        – I love encouraging others (eg. This blog)
  •        – I love thinking outside of the box (writing a book at the age of 20)
  •        – I hate stagnation
  •        – I hate injustice
  •        – I hate wasting time

But these things seemed so generic and I still did not know why I was alive. So I asked myself “what makes ME special?” By this stage I began getting frustrated as I did not know the answer. So I decided to do something a little different. I shut my eyes and allowed my mind to wonder… I saw the faces of people I did not recognise smiling at me and saying “I’ve never looked at it that way” and “I feel like I can do anything”. I also saw peoples’ businesses growing, peoples’ confidence growing and my bank balance growing!

When I opened my eyes it felt like someone switched the light on in my mind. Readers, I’m here to help others to get ahead, simple. It’s still unclear exactly how I’ll do this, but having the foundation is a good start.

This process took about 6 months to a year and I had to spend a lot of time getting to know myself, so please do not think I have trivialised the very meaningful issue of “knowing why you are here”. Writing and visualisation are two methods which helped me. I have shared this experience with you in order for you to stretch your thinking and to allow yourself to dream. I find that so many of us are so rigid and educated that we’ve somehow ignored the fact that life is for LIVING, not working tirelessly without purpose or fulfilment.

CHALLENGE: Close your eyes and let your imagination run free with no restrictions and no schemas. You never know, you may surprise yourself with what you see.

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah  (