I have to tell someone!

Hello all

Here I am again, blogging!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and it has been deliberate. I’ve been taking my exams for my legal practice course and I’m pleased to inform you that I have passed all my first year exams! Wohooo. 

I’ve also been working tirelessly on making my book “What They Don’t Tell You About University” a success. On July 8th the book was launched at the prestigious City Hall in London, and the support was great. Thanks to all of you who made and appearance and bought my books. (See http://crystaldebrah.com/events for pictures).

All the above demonstrates that I’ve not had a proper break since early September last year and I deserve one!
Well since the launch I’ve taken time out to review my life and start developing a strong sense of confidence within myself. I’ve done this by pushing myself to undertake further speaking engagements, attend conferences and read books on confidence.

Seeing as I’m such a good person, I’ll share what I’ve learned… are you ready? Ok, read on...

1. If you don’t embark on something because of fear, you’ll never progress. You will regret it when you’re old.

2. Life is for living, not spectating. The way I see it, you get one life and there is no point living a dull one.

3. If your “dream” requires the help of others, then it’s worth doing. If you can do it yourself then you’re not pushing yourself hard enough.

4. Be like a child! Yes, I said it, be like a child. Kids have imagination and believe they can do anything, therefore they have a go and don’t worry about looking silly in front of other people. Such people are unstoppable.

5. Watch out for distractions. I find that when I have to get something done everything tries to grab my attention,
but I condition my mind to remain focused.

Remember, it’s great to dream, but even better to be active about it.

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah

*P.S. you can get a signed copy of my book from http://crystaldebrah.com/buy-book.


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