Crystal met who? Be intrigued, be very intrigued.

Hello all!

So here I am again, blogging.

On this occasion, I have decided to write something a little different. Normally I inspire you with the things I have learned throughout my life, but today I want you to be inspired in a different way. Interested? Then READ ON.

The day – Tuesday 18th October 2011. The time – 11am. The location – Costa Coffee.

I’m seated across the table with none other than Adam Hall (Development Manager from Cricket for Change). We have a very long and interesting chat about his journey and the organisation he is a part of and I am so inspired that I have to share with you what we discussed. See below for snippets of our conversation.  Stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this.  READ ON!

Adam, what is Cricket for Change?

Cricket for Change is an organisation, which uses cricket as a tool to engage with young people. The organisation seeks to enable young people to have hopes, dreams and ambitions. This is done by working with young people all year round through mainstream and special needs school programmes, community clubs and housing estate cricket. Housing estate cricket? I hear you say, I’ll explain this concept using Adam’s story.

Adam’s story and the impact of Cricket for Change

Adam did not like school and decided at the age of 14 to drop out. As he had nothing to do, he began spending time with other young people who had left the schooling system. Adam and the other young people began indulging in “bad behaviour” on a regular basis, as there was not much else to do.

One day, he saw some people playing cricket (Cricket for Change) on his estate and was intrigued. Before he knew it, Adam was playing cricket with the team and decided to get more involved. I’m glad to say that Adam has never looked back. I’m really glad he didn’t because he is one of the few young men I have met who have completely blown me away– and I know a lot of ambitious young men.

Adam, along with other young people have been given the opportunity to travel the world to teach cricket and other essential life skills such as, self confidence, NLP and teamwork to name a few. Recently, Adam has had the opportunity to spend time with the likes of Desmond Tutu and Michelle Obama herselfYES, the first lady of the U.S.A. (he was so humble about it).

All of this has been made possible through Cricket for Change. Not to mention Adam is only one of the thousands of people Cricket for Change has impacted over the past 30 years.

I’m sure you all want to get involved with this amazing project, which ACTUALLY yields results. READ ON!

How can we help Cricket for Change?

At the end of my time with Adam I asked him how people could help support Cricket for Change and he said the following:

  • Funding and donations are always welcomed!
  • We would like expertise regarding anti-bullying, work with young females and self-defence.

If you can fulfil any of the above please quote this article and contact Cricket for Change via the website,


I hope you have been inspired. I certainly have.

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah


You know now, so what are you going to do about it?

Hello wonderful people.

So here I am again, blogging.

Today I’m on a mission to broaden your knowledge and expose you to something you may have never considered. READ ON.

We live in a world full of different cultures, races and traditions but how much of this do any of us really experience? If you’re anything like me then you’ve not experienced very much at all. As I’ve said in many of my blog posts, “you only live once“, therefore expose yourself to as much as you can before your time is up.

On the 20th of October I had the opportunity to experience something new- I attended the Launch of Deaf Unity and London Deaf Learners 2011 hosted by London Leaders.

Although I come across deaf people quite regularly I have never stopped to think about what life is like for deaf people, especially in the context of university and life after graduation. At the Deaf Learners Launch my eyes were opened.

Did you know that only 0.17% of university applicants are deaf? This is a very low number and this upsets me because there are so many intelligent deaf people who do not attend university because of a lack of support. The truth is, deaf people are very capable and should not be excluded from mainstream society because they cannot hear. THEY CAN DO EVERYTHING ELSE! I’ll give you some examples of some amazing deaf people I met at the Deaf Learners Launch.

Abdi Gas 

Abdi is a young man who has the title of a London Leader and he is deaf. Abdi has completed university and now runs his own deaf lead organisation called “Deaf Unity” and “London Deaf Learners” is his latest project. It is Abdi’s ambition to increase the number of deaf students at university and in mainstream jobs. Yes, Abdi has an uphill struggle but I believe his goal is achievable. Find out more about how Abdi plans to do this.

Ben Fletcher

Ben is a deaf graduate who works with IBM! He studied, graduated and is now in a highly paid job with a very well know company. He stated that IBM appreciate him because he is different and can bring new ideas to the company. I like the way IBM thinks- difference is great!

Alan Murray MBE

Alan is deaf and has had careers as a solicitor, an accountant and now works in education. During his speech at the London’s Deaf Learners Launch he explained how deaf people are viewed as invisible. Deaf graduates find it very hard to get jobs as the application process is not tailored for them. He believes that deaf people should work in mainstream jobs and not only in deaf organisations. I totally agree with him.

All three of these men have achieved great things and I have decided to write this piece because I want to raise awareness for DEAF UNITY and help make Abdi’s vision come to pass. We are all equal and should be treated as such.

Please check out to find out more about the great work they are doing. There’s also the opportunity to learn sign language!

Thanks for your time and SPREAD THE WORD.

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah

What A Summer!

Hello all

How are you all? 

So here I am again, blogging!

It has been an absolutely AMAZING summer 2011. My sister came down for the summer, I had no studying to do and I published my first book, “What They Don’t Tell You About University” and MY WORD… it’s been… wow.

It’s quite weird really. I’ve gone from having an idea in my head to bringing it to reality- with the help of others of course. I think it’s crazy how we all have the ability to create things from ideas! But why do so many of us have ideas but never do anything with them?

I’ve just finished reading a book entitled, “The Confident Woman” by Joyce Meyer and she mentioned that fear holds back soooo many of us. It’s true! I was scared of bringing out my book because people might think, “who is she?” and “the book is rubbish”, but at the end of the day people will criticize you no matter what you do! I would encourage you to implement that idea you’ve wanted to create for years. Maybe my experience will encourage you to get started. Read on… go on… I know you want to…

Just by being bold enough to write a book so many things have happened this summer. I’ve:

  • had a successful book launch at the Mayor of London’s Office
  • been invited as a guest speaker at a college awards evening
  • featured in Live, Keep the Faith and Flavour magazines
  • appeared on Premier Radio, BBC Berkshire Radio and BBC Nottingham Radio.
  • had the privilege of speaking at colleges, unis and numerous youth events- again, this is absolutely surreal. Furthermore, I’ve met some of the most inspirational people/orgainsations and all because I dared to be bold. #JustSaying
  • Thank you LORD!!!

Once you implement what’s in your mind you feel so content and alive! It is by no means easy but SO worth it.

I’ll leave you to think about all of that, but seeing as you are here please show your support by:

Thanks guys 😉    

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah