What A Summer!

Hello all

How are you all? 

So here I am again, blogging!

It has been an absolutely AMAZING summer 2011. My sister came down for the summer, I had no studying to do and I published my first book, “What They Don’t Tell You About University” and MY WORD… it’s been… wow.

It’s quite weird really. I’ve gone from having an idea in my head to bringing it to reality- with the help of others of course. I think it’s crazy how we all have the ability to create things from ideas! But why do so many of us have ideas but never do anything with them?

I’ve just finished reading a book entitled, “The Confident Woman” by Joyce Meyer and she mentioned that fear holds back soooo many of us. It’s true! I was scared of bringing out my book because people might think, “who is she?” and “the book is rubbish”, but at the end of the day people will criticize you no matter what you do! I would encourage you to implement that idea you’ve wanted to create for years. Maybe my experience will encourage you to get started. Read on… go on… I know you want to…

Just by being bold enough to write a book so many things have happened this summer. I’ve:

  • had a successful book launch at the Mayor of London’s Office
  • been invited as a guest speaker at a college awards evening
  • featured in Live, Keep the Faith and Flavour magazines
  • appeared on Premier Radio, BBC Berkshire Radio and BBC Nottingham Radio.
  • had the privilege of speaking at colleges, unis and numerous youth events- again, this is absolutely surreal. Furthermore, I’ve met some of the most inspirational people/orgainsations and all because I dared to be bold. #JustSaying
  • Thank you LORD!!!

Once you implement what’s in your mind you feel so content and alive! It is by no means easy but SO worth it.

I’ll leave you to think about all of that, but seeing as you are here please show your support by:

Thanks guys 😉    

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah


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