The worst day ever…or was it?

Hello there.

Here I am again, blogging!

You will not BELIEVE what happened to me on Monday. It’s enough to drive anyone insane.

At 2:30pm I left London and headed for Wales. The journey was expected to last for roughly 3 hours so I planned to do some work and some reading on the way- you know, to make good use of my time. The journey was going well until I got onto the M4…

There was traffic – a lot of traffic. I was still calm at this point because I was due to arrive in good time for the session.

Two hours later I was still in traffic and I was losing hope of reaching my destination in time for my appointment. Disappointingly, I had to explain to the person I had the appointment with that I could not make it and I was not a happy bunny.

I finally arrived in Wales at 9pm only to have to get my pre-booked train back to London… where I experienced even MORE DELAYS. I didn’t get home until 2am so I had been travelling for 12 hours.

So, yes, I had an AWFUL day.

But as usual I always extract the valuable lessons from the experience and use them to my advantage. I’d like to share with you what I learned:

I’m surprisingly cool under pressure. I was stuck on a coach to Wales with no guarantee that I’d make my train home. I had wasted my entire day as I did not make my appointment and all I did in Wales was cross the road from the coach station to the train station to return home. I still managed to keep my cool and think logically about what steps to take next. I learned to accept that I can’t control everything that happens, therefore there is no need getting upset about what I can do nothing about.

Actually, my entire day was not completely wasted. During my 6 1/2 hour coach journey I was sat beside a lovely lady called Janet. She was a retired music teacher and head mistress who had set up a school for young people with disabilities. She had no regrets in life and told me to live life to the full. We kept each other’s spirits up throughout the entire journey and watched an episode of Eastenders together at 8pm! I hope she got home OK.

I have an amazing support network. My parents, my cousin and a very close friend of mine kept checking on me throughout the day to ensure I was safe. They checked the TFL website to tell me when the last tube service was (which I managed to catch after running through the station like a lunatic); called me regularly and somehow managed to make me laugh when I felt like crying. All of them stayed awake until I was home safe and sound. NOW THAT’S LOVE.

I’d like to leave you with this thought. Life can throw you a curve ball, but YOU determine what you can do with that ball. You can let it smack you in the face and cry about it or you can catch the thing, and throw it right back. I threw it right back (I say with a smug look on my face)!

I hope this blog post has encouraged you to be positive no matter what happens to you.

Until next time.


Crystal Debrah