The Wise Woman, The Tall Angry Man and The Suitcase

Hello there,

Here I am again blogging.

Imagine this, I’m on my way to work and I get onto the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) service. There’s a gentleman sitting by the window seat with a massive suitcase. This suitcase is taking up space and preventing anyone else from using the seat opposite him.

I notice this and sit in the seat next to the suitcase. Another lady joins us and sits next to the suitcase man.

The DLR gets pretty packed in the morning so I could tell that the suitcase man would definitely encounter confrontation about moving his suitcase.

Then the confronter appeared… A tall and angry man who said, “mate, would you mind moving your suitcase near the doors so I can sit down?” Suitcase man looked troubled because he did not want to leave his suitcase unmanned and neither did he want to give up his seat. I felt quite sorry for him…

Suitcase man insisted tall angry man could sit with his suitcase #really? Unfortunately, no one was convinced by this, especially not the TALL angry man. The tall angry man continued… “Look mate, how am I going to fit there?”

Then something extraordinary happened. The lady next to the suitcase man used her common sense and said, “how about you (suitcase man) swap with me and put your suitcase in the isle? This way you (angry tall man) can sit down.”

All four of us looked at one another and moved around- everyone had a seat!

Wooooow, this was the most obvious solution and because both men were so emotional they couldn’t see it!

At the time of writing, the angry tall man and suitcase man are sitting opposite each other on the dlr and have not even exchanged a glance. I’m sitting here composing this blog post and smiling.

The moral of this story is, confrontation isn’t the best solution, common sense is! Always look for solutions where everyone can win.

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah