De-clutter your life and enjoy it


Here I am again blogging!

We live in a world where success is like a drug. We crave it, we chase it and some will do almost anything to get it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be successful but at what cost?

I met with a client recently and the topic of “work life balance” came up. He was telling me a story about a friend of his who was “successful”. He was great at his job, had a great house and a number of top of the range cars. He had what lots of people dream of. However he worked day and night for this success without rest and eventually had a heart attack. He is still alive but his quality of life is much reduced. My client had learned a very valuable lesson from his dear friend – rest is vital.

This story made me start thinking about my approach to life and my obsession with achieving. Could I potentially work myself into ill health? While we’re on the topic what about you? Do you work really hard? I’m not only talking about your occupation. Are you always running around going from one activity to the next? Helping your sister’s husband’s cousin with a problem because you feel obliged? Serving in 10 teams at church?

If your life is over-cluttered then maybe you’re in the same boat as my client’s friend and need to simplify your life, relax and enjoy it more.

After examining my own life I realised that I needed to scale back and make time to take care of me. Here are some suggestions made by my client, a good friend of mine and some good ol’ research done by yours truly:

– make a list of everything you do and work out what is important and what is not. Scale back or stop doing the not so important stuff. I found I was on Facebook very often and this took up a lot of my time. I deactivated my account for some time to restructure my life.

– come up with a way to treat yourself every month. This gives you something to look forward to. It has the added benefit of helping you to de-stress. A good friend of mine taught me this and it works a treat.

– Be active but not always in the same way. I used to force myself to go to the gym week in week out and I got bored. My client suggested that I do different activities, for example skip on one day, run on another, play a sport the next. I’m yet to try this but I’m open to trying it.

– Switch your phone off when you’re having “you time”. Our phones are constantly ringing, bleeping and distracting us.

– Learn to say “no”. I’m all for going out and helping on other peoples’ projects but sometimes it gets too much. Help out where you can but when you do not have the capacity, just say “no”. Remember, rest is vital.

This is not an exhaustive list of ways to rest and switch off, just a few. It would be great to hear if any of the above has helped you. It would also be great if you could share ways you relax by leaving a comment below.

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah


Author: Crystal Debrah

I empower young adults to transition successfully from school to the real world. WHY? It's needed! Just remember what it was like for you. HOW? Through inspirational self-help books , story telling and impactful workshops, seminars and conferences. WHO AM I: I'm the person who sees a need and creates a practical solution to solve it. I'm the first one in my family to have gone to university and found the "school to university" transition tough. I did terribly in my first year. Yet through asking questions, learning the ropes and pure determination I went from a 3rd class degree to a 2:1. This inspired my first award winning book, "What They Don't Tell You about University", (which got published when I was at Law School). The sequel, "What They Don't Tell You When You Graduate" followed and is packed with crucial advice for the new graduate! I've given advice to the masses through The Telegraph, BBC radio and London Live. My speaking engagements range from educational institutions to corporates to government departments. Book me: Join our community:

3 thoughts on “De-clutter your life and enjoy it”

  1. Needed this! 😊 being more committed to less things is what I’m aiming for now. Thank you! Try baking bread. I heard that’s relaxing, especially kneading the dough

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