Here I am again blogging!

Last night I watched an interesting film called “Surrogates”. It’s not about pregnant women but about the possible impact that technology could have on us as human beings.

Let me explain.

In the film, humans were able to pick out a surrogate body who would do everything for them. Each human being would lie down on a bed-like seat and attach some electrodes to their body which would enable them to control their surrogate. The purpose of having a surrogate was to keep people safe. People got so used to using these surrogates that they used them to go to work and even to go to parties.

It got to the point where real people were no longer interacting with each other on a human level.

Have a look at this trailer to see how the surrogate technology was used. Click on the word “trailer” below, watch it, then come back and read about what I learned from the film.


This is what got from the film…

One story in particular that touched me was about a man and wife who had lost their child in a car accident in the real world and did not talk about it. Each of them was suffering in silence and when the man tried to reach out to his wife in human form, the wife refused to do the same and continued to suffer in silence. In reality she was very depressed and resorted to taking pills to stay sane- she was a wreck. Her husband had absolutely no idea as he had not seen her in human form for a long time.

Just imagine how many people are on social media sites pretending to be as happy as Larry but dying inside?

This new surrogate technology robbed people of the amazing gift of human interaction, togetherness and love.

We were not created to live alone. Even Jesus himself had disciples and enjoyed human interaction. This demonstrates how important we are to each other.

I urge you, after reading this blog post go and have a real human interaction. Hug someone, tell someone dear that you love them, smile at someone on your train/bus.

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah