What happened to us?


So here I am again blogging!!!

I find life fascinating. I think it’s incredible how we start off as a bunch of little cells inside the womb of a woman and then develop into a fully grown human being.

embryo cells

As babies we’re new to the world and described as being “full of potential”. As kids we are optimistic, inquisitive and daring. We believe we can be anything and do anything. We constantly fall down on the playground floor and despite the pain of a grazed knee we get back up again and keep on playing.

new born baby

So what on earth happens to us when we grow up? We’re afraid of trying things, of falling, of the unknown. What happens along the way?

Well I reckon it’s what we’re TOLD. We’re told to be careful by our loving parents when we leave the house; we’re told by some of our teachers that we need to “improve on our weaknesses;” we’re told by our ex- partners that they no longer want us for one reason or another. Bit by bit that optimism, daringness and inquisitiveness we once had as a child quiets as we allow the words of people to shape our lives. Words of caution, of inadequacy, of worthlessness.

being told off 2

We then begin to crave security and look for what is safe. Think about it. We generally choose careers that give us security and a monthly wage; some of us settle for incompatible partners because of the fear of being alone; gosh some of us have had the same image for YEARS because it’s comfortable! What has happened to us?!!!

I don’t think it’s too late for us. I think we all still have that inner child that’s screaming to come out! From my inner child to yours, “come out and play!”

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah