Why do you allow fear to keep robbing you?

Hello there!

Here I am again, blogging.

Please allow me to rant today. I have a real problem with how fear can rob us of what we deserve. It causes us to regret what we never did and helps us to come up with one thousand reasons why we shouldn’t do something. I absolutely hate it.

I’m taking a stand against fear. The kind of fear that holds us back and robs us of what is ours.

Although we can’t change the past and some opportunities have passed us by, we can change our attitudes about fear today.

Last month I underwent an oral exam where I was being tested on my knowledge of the law, my advocacy skills, my ability to retain large amounts of information and my ability to think on my feet when under pressure. It was not easy at all. In fact, when first informed by my high achieving boss that she believed I was ready to take this exam just months into my training contract I really didn’t think I could do it. Fear took over.

At this point all I could think about was the fear of failing and felt it was too early to do the exam. I started to think that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, polished enough. Do you see that – fear was trying to rob me of my confidence in my ability.

As time went on I started to get stress headaches, started panicking and even considered postponing the exam because I was so fearful of failing and looking like a fool.

This was getting ridiculous and I couldn’t take the pressure so I made a deal with myself. I said, “ok Crystal, let’s focus on what’s important here- doing your best. You’re an advocate, you’ve read all you can read and done all you can do. Just do the exam and expect a pass.” I was essentially ignoring fear.

Just when I thought everything was fine, fear decided to pay me another visit. When I arrived at the examination destination early I was asked to wait and was told I’d be collected from the seating area in a few minutes to read a case study. I waited and waited and waited and wasn’t given my case study. I went to investigate and was given the case study and began reading it.

A few minutes later I was approached by an examiner asking me to go in for the oral exam. But I hadn’t finished reading the case study because I wasn’t given my case study on time. There was no way I could do my oral exam without reading the whole case study! Boy, was I feeling the pressure now.

I boldly explained what had happened to the examiner and hoped I’d be given the extra time. I was given a little more time thank The Lord! Then another spanner was thrown into the works, I had to do a multiple choice questionnaire too, whilst remembering the facts of the case study I had to rush through. It was crazy.

Somehow, I managed to keep my cool and get through all of the differing parts of the exam.

Two weeks later, I received a call confirming I had passed!!!!!!

I learned a very valuable lesson. Had fear had its way I would have messed up and delayed my progress. I had to face the fear and do it anyway.

I learned that you can do a lot more than you think you are capable of and fear does its best to rob you of what is rightfully yours. I’m now a fully qualified advocate in my field and have gained an understanding of just how much I can handle.

Next time I’m faced with a frightening situation which is getting in the way of my progress I will remember this experience and press on. Fear, I won’t let you rob me!

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah

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My First Conference!!!


Here I am again, blogging…

On Wednesday the 4th of September 2013 I held my first conference for new university students at City Hall! Students had the opportunity to learn about what uni has to offer and how to make the most of their time there.

It was a roaring success and 100% of the attendees said they would recommend the event to other students.

Have a look at the pictures below!

IMG_1804 IMG_1805 IMG_1809 IMG_1813 IMG_1819 IMG_1824 IMG_1825 IMG_1826 IMG_1827 IMG_1832 IMG_1834 IMG_1836 IMG_1838 IMG_1844 IMG_1847 IMG_1848 IMG_1849 IMG_1851 IMG_1853 IMG_1854 IMG_1855 IMG_1856 IMG_1858 IMG_1859 WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU ABOUT UNI PACKS IMG_1862

Crystal and BoJo


“When I first heard about the ‘What They Don’t Tell You About University’ event I did not hesitate in agreeing to be involved and was not disappointed. The evening was well attended and the content was delivered in a way which both connected with and entertained its audience, which was key given the wide range of concerns young people can have about accessing higher education today.

All credit must go to Crystal and her team for putting on the event and I look forward to supporting it again in the future.”

Ben Rutter, Student Loans Company

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the movement.

A special thank you goes out to Sally Bartolo, the Peer Outreach Team at City Hall, Jide Fisher, Flourish Drama Group, Ben Rutter (Student Loans Company), David Chick (University Lecturer), Tambo Silavwe (Graduate and Entrepreneur) and Samson Osun (Former Student Union President and Student).

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah


Look at what determination can achieve!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! OK Crystal calm down- breeeaaaathe. Sorry about that. Let me continue on with my usual opening line…

Here I am again… blogging.

THIS IS AN UPDATE on my post entitled “being friendly gets you everywhere- 20 March 2011”.

I’ve spent the past month encouraging you, my beloved readers, with stories regarding how I plan to get what I want out of life (my career in particular). Those of you who regularly read my blog will remember that on 20th March 2011 I got a random blackberry message from a friend asking me to work at a law firm for the day (if you’ve not read it then do so now! Then come back and read this post).  For my regulars read on.

Today I had decided to email my CV to numerous law firms in the hope that one would reply with some good news. Just as I had finished one email I saw a flash to my left and it was my phone ringing. Guess who it was? Read on…

It was the lady from the firm I had worked for last month offering me job! Yes my loyal readers a J-O-B. I’ve been looking for a paid legal job for months and I got one without having to write a long-winded letter explaining why I should be hired! I start on Monday at 9.30 AM.

The moral of this story is that people remember you when you go out of your way for them, even when it inconveniences you. I dropped all my plans for the day to work for her firm and she has remembered me.

When you want something badly enough you seem to attract it!

I’ll leave Happy Feet to express how I’m feeling right now. Watch the video below.

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah

Standing out from the crowd and going the extra mile to get a JOB

Here I am again blogging…

At the moment finding a job is a nightmare for many people, both young and old. I am no exception to this. The question now is “what am I going to do about it?”

I started thinking that if there are lots of people fighting for jobs then I must stand out from the crowd. But how on EARTH do I do this. Then a light bulb came one. Read on…

Over the years I’ve learned that applications rarely get you a job as people tend to employ people recommended by their colleagues. My problem is I don’t know people at the companies I wish to work for, so I must find them.

A few weeks ago I received an email inviting me to a law fair where a number of law firms I was interested in would be showcased. Me being me I decided to attend and create contacts.  I’ve emailed all my new contacts and have developed great rapport with them- they have even given me permission to use their names in my applications. Great news!

Ohhhh, but that is not all my beloved readers. There is more.

I completed an application on 30th March 2011 and hoped to email it to the HR person that evening. I looked at the website one last time before clicking the send button and realised that the application had to be sent by POST, not email. WHHHAAAATTT! I’d spent a week perfecting this application and even if I had posted it that night it would not have arrived by the deadline-31st March 2011.  To find out what I did next, read on…

I could either send it by email (which was going against their instructions and I may get an interview), post it (I would miss the deadline and that would be the end of that one) or deliver it by hand.

I decided to deliver it by hand! I woke up at 5 something AM and went to the office, which is on the other side of London (1.30hr journey). When I got there no one was at reception. I waited outside and a gentleman let me in! I waited for the receptionist but she did not come. A lady then appeared and asked if I had been seen to. I replied,

“no, I’m here to hand in an application.”

She replied “that’ll be for me then.”

YES readers I had bumped into the HR lady who is in charge of hiring. She will definitely remember me and hopefully it will land me an interview.

Talk about standing out from the crowd and going the extra mile.

Thanks for spending this time with me readers.

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah

Being friendly gets you everywhere

Here I am again… blogging.

I’m really excited.

Do you know why?

I’ll tell you.

It all began on the morning of Friday 18th March 2011. I’d finished some work on my forth coming book and I’d finished following up some new contacts I had met at a networking event the night before. I was just about to begin my reading on family law.

Then I saw a red flash to my right. Yes it was my blackberry. I did the obvious thing and looked at it. I had received a bb message from a classmate asking if I was “available” to work at the law firm she works for for the day. I’m not stupid enough to turn down the opportunity. I could catch up on family law later! So I agreed.

Wait… there’s more. She told me the name of the firm and I was beaming from ear to ear because it was a firm I had applied to last week for a job.

The moral of this story is to be friendly to everyone you meet because you NEVER know what that connection could bring.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.Romans 8:28

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah


My class on divorce

Here i am again… blogging.

I’m still getting used to it, but enjoying it nonetheless.

I’ve just


 had my first family law class on divorce. Very interesting indeed. I’ve come to the conclusion that divorce is devastating for both parties and no one wins- NO ONE, even if you do get the house and the kids. Both peoples’ lives are drastically altered forever. My advice- consider marriage VERY carefully before you get into it.

I’m off now to prepare for my class on solicitors’ accounts.

Until next time.

Crystal Debrah